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Kincaid's Meat Market Specializing in:

Lamb  -  Veal  -  Beef  -  Pork  -  Poultry  -  Wild Game  -  Fish

Featuring delicious meats and products such as:
  • Kobe Beef
  • Boars Head Lunch Meats
  • Usingers Brats & Franks
  • Traders Pointe Creamery
  • Cooks Bison Ranch
  • Rasta Joe BBQ Sauses & Rubs
Just to name a few....

     Holidays are a special time enjoy them with a traditional fresh turkey, whole beef tenderloin, crown roast, boneless or standing rib roast.

If you are looking for a new idea for the New Year ask about our many reciepies and special cuts like...

  • Stuffed Boneless cornish items
  • Seasoned & Rolled Buffalo Rib Eye Roast
  • "Turduckens" - Turkey, Duck, Chicken
    rolled with three different stuffings
Homemade Sausages

All sausage is handmade and stuffed in house, we offer many different styles ranging from traditional pork sausage to much leaner styles such as turkey and buffalo.

5605 N Illinois St.     Indianapolis, IN 46208